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Georgia Born, West Coast Seasoned

Adam Gabriel is a profoundly gifted singer-songwriter and performer who wields a masterful blend of Folk-Rock, Southern Blues and rich, Soulful vocals. His lyrics are honest and raw, cutting and comforting at the same time and his live performances are always Exquisite. A consummate professional, Gabriel is not only a master of his craft, but rightly earns the title "Entertainer" due to his ability to bond with the audience, no matter what size and connect with them through not only the music, but through his stories, dialog and vulnerability throughout every performance. 

His message is simple, but rare: "I am a profoundly imperfect human, and so are you. Isn't that glorious?" And perhaps that's why every audience that hears him feels drawn to him and his music. There is no facade, no self-righteous undertones or messages implied. No political preaching. Just a raw, soulful expression of a man's lifetime of experiences and thoughts.


Over the last two decades, Adam Gabriel has released four albums:

2002 - Not A Thing

2008 - Alive

2019 - Neptune

2023 - Back Room


Two Singles:

Sweet Black Cherry - 2023
Alabaster Sounds - 2019


All of which are available on Spotify, iTunes and all other major streaming platforms. 

His fans stretch from Southern Oregon to Canada, the 

UK and Australia. Adam has been writing and performing his music since 1999 in countless venues of all sizes and has been featured on various radio programs throughout California and the North West, and has been a guest on several podcasts including "Coffee and Bullshit", "Behind The Band", "ITNS online Radio" and was most recently featured on JPR (Jefferson Public Radio) for an interview about his life, music and the release of his latest album, "Back Room". 

Adam Gabriel is currently recording his 5th album, "Orphans", a collection of 24 songs written over the course of 25 years but never before released. He is expecting to release Orphans in early 2024.

Gabriel continues to perform up and down the West Coast and plans to embark on a cross-country tour in the summer of 2024.

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